Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 43 without seeing a deer (or How I'm spending my lent)

When we first moved into our new place, we were told that deer sometimes come down off the hill and eat the plants on the property. Since then, we have only seen a deer once, way up on the hill. On Sunday we saw a coyote up on the crest of the hill, but it disappeared behind the hill before we could spend a lot of time watching it. More than anything, I wanted to see if it had a deer leg dangling in it's mouth.

I have time to notice these things since Lent started. For Lent this year, I gave up Facebook Monday through Friday (I need FB on the sabbath to do my calling at church) and Amy and I attempted to give up sugar. Facebook is turning out to be the simpler of the two. Each day I find myself getting more and more stuff done and having less and less drama in my life as I spend less time with Facebook.

For sure, sugar is my hardest challenge. All day Monday my mind flashed back to our honeymoon and the time we were at Guiradelli Square in San Fran. There we had a Vanilla Sunday with chocolate and caramel; warm chocolate and warm caramel. The type that has a base of toppings, the ice cream, and then more topping drizzled on... You get the idea. As Monday passed by, my mind flashed upon that image and my mouth watered. Today as I was leaving work, my mind flashed back to Sunday as a girl sat next to me in Sunday School. She unwrapped three bite size Snickers and then ate them as the class proceeded - savoring every bite. Suddenly today, I too wanted to unwrap a whole bag of Snickers and devour them, bite by bite. To help cure some of these cravings, I've tried to fill my boy with healthy choices: fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. the first two, great choices. I actually read the ingredients on the yogurt container today: 4th one listed is Sugar. Now I have to decide whether or not I'm giving up 95% of sugar for Lent or if I'm giving up yogurt for lent as well.

This year's lent is definitely being a bit more of a change than past years. Good thing I can distract my self by looking for deer on the horizon.  


carpet cleaning mesa said...

Seems like a good day after all.

A post about school closings on Whit's Blog said...

Deer come down into our backyard all the time in the apartment complex where we live. It's great because you get a nice view of the country!