Saturday, December 6, 2008

with the boys

(I was kid sitting the boys tonight. M is 9 and E is 6)

(While teaching them how to use the Sirius)
M - Sean go back.
Me - You like Classic rock? Your dad would be so happy to know that.
M - Classic rock? No - this is a song off of Guitar Hero. I can do hard on this song.
E - M, I can only do easy.
(They spent the rest of the song saying the colors that go with the notes - totally oblivious to the fact that it was a classic rock song first.)

(While at the pet food store)
M - (Holding up a mint bone) We should get this for Zoe [the dog]. It freshens her breath.
E - Is there something for her other end?

Me - M, how much do you weigh? (while getting a bag of rabbit food)
M - 68 pounds.
Me - Well I think I should carry that then - it weighs as much as a third as you.
M - No wonder the bunnies are getting so fat.

(While at McDonald's)
M - I think they gave us a broken toy. (referring to E's happy meal)
E - I really only come here for the food anyway, so it's okay.

(Back in the truck)
E - Sean is that the time (on the radio display)?
Me - Yes.
E - It's six twenty nine.
Me - Yes E it is.
E - One day I woke up and I could read, well not really read. I can only read time. Books are harder, but I can read time.

(While "If I were a boy" was playing on the Sirius)
M - At D's concert last week (older sister), there was this boy who was singing "If I was a girl." And he's gay.
E - M, Are there women gays?
M - Yes they are called lesbians.
E - Are there gay men?
M - Yes they are called gay.
E - M, what are you if you are a boy and a girl?
M - You're a Goy.
E - Hmm. A boy and a girl is a Goy. What is a lizard and a boat called?

M - I was a lesbian once.
Me - Really M? When was that?
M - I was in third grade and we were playing Mouse Trap. As I started to win, I said "Sweet! I'm winning and I'm a lesbian!"
Me - How did that go over?
M - Everyone in class thought it was funny but the adults weren't laughing. I'm not sure why.


cindy baldwin said...

Okay Sean... thanks for posting these. They had me laughing out loud for a prolonged period of time.

(I'm still giggling.)

mkamye said...

These kids are hysterical!!! Thanks so much for posting that!

Nina said...

I wish I could have been there.